Sussle Scholarship – Deadline: Monthly

$1,000 for college

Easy scholarship that’s fun!

Sussle lets you discover new things about your interests by collecting the best content from people with the same interests. Please help by contributing your knowledge, and in return, we offer an easy scholarship.

No application, no essay

Just contribute knowledge about stuff you already know. Watch the 1-minute video to see how easy it is. Really, you should watch it.

Who is eligible

  • High seniors, or current full-time undergrad or grad students at an accredited college or university in the United States.
  • US citizens or legal permanent residents
  • Not a Sussle Scholarship winner in the previous month, employees of Sussle or its affiliates, or a member of an interviewer’s immediate family

Help others while helping yourself

The knowledge you contribute will help others. Isn’t that better than writing an essay no one will read except a scholarship review board?

Know your chances of winning

The leaderboard on the right shows you how you’re doing. With traditional scholarships, who knows what your chances are.

Weekly awards

We award $50 every week to the person who consistently rates great content! Start rating!


Last day of each month – 11:59pm Pacific time

What to contribute

  • Is it worth saving? Contribute it!
  • Is it useful? Contribute it!
  • Is it interesting or funny? Contribute it!
  • Is it true? Contribute it!
  • Can you find it on Wikipedia? Skip it!
  • Did someone already post it? Skip it!
  • Did you copy the text from another source? Skip it!

Winning strategy

  • Try to get the most votes by contributing good content, starting early, and posting often.
  • Invite people to vote for your contributions. Here are some easy ways:
    • Use the Invite button at the top of the page when signed in to earn a referral bonus.
    • Give Sussle permission to post your contributions to your Timeline.
    • Post links to your contributions on Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.
    • Ask others to post links to your contributions.
  • Rate the content posted by others. That’s another way you can contribute.

Top 5 finalists

  • The finalists will consist of the top 5 eligible students listed in the leaderboard as of the deadline.
  • Votes are calculated by adding all likes and subtracting all dislikes for all of a member’s contributions made during the scholarship period.
  • If there is a tie in votes, then the highest number of contributions will be used as a tiebreaker. If there is a tie in both votes and contributions, then we will include each of the students with tied scores during the interview stage.
  • Sussle reserves the right to change site functionality periodically to ensure fairness for all participants.

Winner determination

  • One winner will be chosen from the finalists by an interview panel at its sole discretion.
  • Finalists will be judged by the quality of their contributions, how they vote for great content, and how many new members they introduced.
  • The winner will be announced after verification of eligibility.
  • The 2nd runner up will receive $100, and the 3rd runner up will receive $50.

Even more information for the curious or skeptical

Wow, you scrolled down this far? Here’s your reward 🙂

  • When did Sussle start?
    Sussle launched on August 27, 2012 so it’s still in diapers.
  • Who’s behind the scholarship?
    Me, Chuck Kao and a small, awesome team. See me on LinkedIn. When people ask this question, I think they’re really asking, “Are you a bunch of identity thieves outside the reach of American justice?” in which case the answer is no.
  • Why are you offering this scholarship?
    I come from a first-generation immigrant family that was hard-working, entrepreneurial, and relatively poor. I went to an Ivy League school thanks to a lot of financial aid. Now that I call the shots, I would rather spend money on Sussle’s users than on marketing. It’s my way of giving back.
  • All I have to do to enter is post content?
    Yes. Really.
  • This scholarship sounds too easy. What’s the catch?
    This is an elaborate scheme to accumulate knowledge for the good of everyone while helping students pay for their education. It would have been easier to build a site to steal your identity 😉
  • Who decides what good content is?
    Everyone. I want to create a system that is powered by the wisdom of crowds rather than a small group of editors. It’s amazing how smart many individuals together can be. Read more about the wisdom of crowds.
  • How do you create an account? Is Facebook the only way to register?
    When you post or vote, you’ll be asked to sign in with Facebook. Yes, it’s the only way to register. We do this to ensure that contributors have a real identity and to prevent abuse.
  • Do you sell our data to other companies?
    No, we don’t sell anything. We don’t even show ads on the site.
  • How do you make money?
    Wow, you must be a business major. Would you ask a baby how it makes money? Like any baby, Sussle’s only job is to grow healthy on a steady diet of user contributions. Our team and angel investors provide a nurturing environment for it to thrive. And yes, there are blue skies painted on its nursery ceiling.

For more information, please see Mrs. Oviatt in the DPHS Counseling Center.

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