Heading Out of State? – Apply for the W.U.E.

What Is WUE?

WUE is the Western Undergraduate Exchange, a program coordinated by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE).  Through WUE, students in Western states may enroll in partipating two-year and four-year public college programs at a reduced tuition level: up to 150 percent of the institution’s regular resident tuition. In all cases, WUE tuition is considerably less than nonresident tuition. For answers to many of the commonly asked questions about WUE, visit wiche.edu/askwiche.

Which States and U.S. Territories Participate?

Resident students from the following states and U.S. Territories may participate, if they meet eligibility requirements:  Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, Hawaii, North Dakota, Wyoming, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands


Many institutions require evidence of academic performance, such as ACT/SAT test scores or high school GPA, or place other conditions on WUE enrollment.  Consult the WUE website for details.  Visit wiche.edu/wue.

Programs Available

Virtually all undergraduate fields are available to WUE students at one or more of the participating colleges and universities.  Some institutions have opened their entire curriculum on a space-available or first-come, first-served basis.  Others offer only designated programs at the discounted WUE rate. T o learn about the wide array of programs available, consult our searchable WUE database, located at wiche.edu/wue.  For additional details, follow the links to the enrolling institutions’ websites.

Application and Admission

Apply directly to the institution(s) of your choice for admission and WUE tuition status.  Mark prominently on the institution’s application form that you seek admission as a WUE student.

More Information

Information about specific programs offered through WUE can be obtained from the admissions office of participating institutions.

General questions may be addressed to info-sep@wiche.edu, or by calling 303.541.0270.

For further information, please go online to www.wiche.edu/wue or visit Mrs. Oviatt in the Counseling Center.

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College Success Foundation – Supports and Scholarships

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Supports and Scholarships

The CSF model provides supports beginning in 7th grade, continuing through high school

graduation and helping students as they transition to college.  CSF helps students

successfully navigate the critical transition from middle to high school.  At other levels,

emphasis is on the 9th to 10th grade transition and the high school to college transition.

After college graduation, we try to stay connected as they move on to employment and career.

In addition we manage a variety of scholarship programs to ease the financial burden

of attending college.


Take this shortcut to go directly to our guide where you can apply for

scholarships or find support for school.



We engage with students as early as 7th grade to

increase college awareness.
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We help high school students meet timelines and requirements

for graduation and college.
Read more >


We stay connected to our college scholars during college and

provide mentoring during that first

critical year.
Read more >


We create a network of community-minded leaders, ready to

transition from college to career.
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