School Student Loan Debt Rankings By State

school student loan debt rankings by state

There is no denying that pursuing a college education is an important and life-changing event in a young person’s life. Obtaining a degree leads to countless opportunities that would have previously never existed without one. There is just one problem…

College is expensive. Really expensive.

In fact, for the 2015-2016 school year, the average annual costs of public and private 4-year colleges were around $34,000 and $44,000, respectively. That is no small chunk of change.

While it would be nice for all students to attend college for free, it is simply not a reality in our nation today. When college savings, scholarships, and grants aren’t enough, students and their families often have to turn to student loans to bridge the gap.

Currently, there are over 43 million Americans holding over 1.35 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Student loan debt often holds graduates back from purchasing cars, saving for retirement, and getting married, among other things. 

In our Student Loan Debt by School by State study, we found that the average borrower from the Class of 2015 graduated with around $28,400 in debt. In this study, we analyzed the average student loan debt at over 1,300 colleges throughout the nation, with hopes of helping students and their families make the best financial decisions regarding their choice of college.

Using the same data, we ranked colleges in each state by average debt per borrower below. We hope that this information helps students who are only considering certain states for college make smarter financial decisions on where to attend.

Click the state your are interested in the “Quick Navigation” below to jump to that state’s rankings.

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